Greeting all guys and myself!

I am here for the first time. This is the epilogue about “data”, the term which is the one of valuable items in this era.

And this topic is along to the Thailand strategy right now, its name is “Data 4.0”

Why 4.0?

Starting from the base numbers:

1.0 expresses the age of agriculture. We Thai had lived by farming, fishery, and much more which is based on man-power.

2.0 is era of light industries e.g. leather, sculptures and much more. This still relies on human powers.

3.0 The evolution of industries of all kind, as we all known. There are enormous inventions and products from heavy metals. In my mind, one of the great symbols of this age is Steam Trains.

And, 4.0 which is the next milestone of our world. This number means the creativity, intelligence, synthesis, etc. beyond the normal industries. And the word “innovation” spreads from this point.


Yeah, innovations move this world. I have no objection with that but how can we make an innovation?

I heard from nowhere that, “There is no very new thing to invest, but there are the old things that can be the new things with values”. The main idea is to improve or to add the value into the existing products, isn’t it?

Data 4.0

To do so as above, knowledge is the core material to deal with. Next question is how can we utilise the knowledge around this world, yeah uncountable knowledge.

This is the very entrance of this blog, “Data 4.0”

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