I just bought a new iPad with Apple Pencil. My needs are related to writing and planning. I already have company’s macbook pro and got some good ideas. How can we connect iPad to mac for some benefits like sharing screen in the meetings? Here are my search result sites.

Know there are 3 ways to do so.

1. AirPlay

It requires Apple TV for doing “mirror screen” and I don’t have one. Pass.

2. Third party apps

Problem solved by credit cards to purchase some apps in the App Store but I don’t want to. Pass.

3. QuickTime Player

It worked for me because it requires more 2 things that I already have.

  1. QuickTime Player which is installed in every mac (I think) and
  2. Wires

How we start is first connect the wire between iPad and mac. Then we can find iPad name in Finder.

Next, open QuickTime and start “New Movie Recording”. This process have to turn on the camera and we have to allow this by going to System Preference ≫ Security & Privacy ≫ Privacy ≫ Camera.

Now we can see the red button of record. Click the dropdown icon and change “Camera” to the iPad name.

Right now we can mirror iPad screen successfully.

However, I experienced some errors.

  1. Connected the wire but iPad connection is looped connected and disconnected.
    Most reasons are the wire with condition. Try a new wire.
  2. Already selected iPad as camera but got the message “The operation could not be completed” with black screen in QuickTime.
    Mine backed to normal by restart iPad once. By the way there are many discussions about this in the forum here.