Greeting all guys. Long time no see haha.

I’ve been in Songkhla for a short vacation, so here are my places for the relaxation in this trip.

Koh Yor

Koh Yor is around 7 km. from Muang Songkhla district. Across Tinsulanon bridge.

My friend and I went to around the summits. There are several cafés and restaurants on them. You can try at least once. 😋

Regional observatory for the public, Songkhla

This is not very old. My friend and I were going to watch the constellations but unfortunately the sky wasn’t clear. Therefore, we had entered the buildings for the exhibition about spaces.

Those are 2 big buildings; one is the exhibition and another is planetarium which has fee. The fee are 30 baht for kids and students while 50 for adults.

Observatory fb pageหอดูดาวเฉลิมพระเกียรติ-7-รอบ-พระชนมพรรษา-สงขลา-1901812286760360/posts/

Kao Kaw Saen Temple

The last is still mountains and they are close to the sea.

The tale of this place is, there is a millionaire who want to participate in merit ceremony at Wat Phra Mahathat in Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Suddenly, a storm just happened and sunken all the ships of the millionaire under the sea. His money as nine hundred thousand baht worth was sunken as well. That has been its name as “Kao Saen” or nine hundred thousand in Thai then bend to Kao Seng until now.

It was my temple trip that has no pictures of temples. Haha. Would say I impressed the beach as it is quiet and heart-soothing.

That’s all of my chilling trip. No extreme activities in my plan. I will update my trip if any in the future.